Why windows from PCV VEKA?

Because of the durability.

The VEKA PVC is easily, for example, to corrosion, deformation and UV exposure and shows for this reason no signs of aging.

PVC Fenster Costa Blanca Einbruchssicherheit Haltbarkeit Kostensenkung

Due to the quality of life!

Because of the low thermal conductivity, it is at low or high temperatures, we achieve a very high thermal insulation. The same goes for the sound insulation, where we in a reduction in noise pollution can reach up to 60%.

Due to the cost reduction!

Compared to ordinary glass windows, the energy losses with PVC windows and insulating glass Climalit 4/12/4 can be reduced by more than 40% and with Planiterm glass by about 70%. For others, no maintenance is practically necessary (eg wood underline).

Because of the appearance!

Very beautiful “VEKA Softline” frame.

Due to the high security against burglary!

The security locking systems and the safety glass at VEKA PVC doors and windows guarantee you a safe Feeling!